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Our Firm

Manning & Associates, P.C. was founded on the principal that providing quality accounting services means more than processing your historical data. We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with the best possible information and advice that will allow you to grow your business and meet your life goals.

This, of course, requires a highly skilled staff that is up-to-date on the latest standards and requirements for all the industries we serve. Our clearly defined Service offerings are a result of years of experience in determining what works. We have found that clients thrive the most through services that are structured enough to clearly outline what is being done, but flexible enough to be easily tailored to individual needs. Furthermore, the size of our firm enables these services to be more holistic than you’re likely to find elsewhere – we’re not interested in just getting the paperwork completed. We’re interested in you.

You should always feel that your accountant is operating under the strictest ethical and performance standards, and with Manning & Associates, P.C., you will. Our team considers building a rapport with you to be our first priority. We consider it part of our job to establish open lines of communication, a level of mutual respect, and an understanding that we are committed to your success. With these essentials firmly in place, we can do what we do best – pay attention to you, your business, and your life goals, and help you every way we can.